This year, the showing of Matrix Revolutions and Return of the King were highly anticipated as evidenced by the posts made in the forums I participate in and chitchats I had with every talking creature I know. But for the advent of T3, everybody seems to be taking a hike in either Zion or Middle Earth. Nobody else cared that much about Mother Earth anymore.

           Or is it just nobody cared that much about Claire Danes anymore?

           After a decade of “postponing” the Judgment Day, the human race is, once again, in peril for the arrival of the mechanical threat to put their existence into a halt. John Connor is still plagued with nightmares and now keeps substance as his company. Yes, he has no mother to call alive and he has no girl to call his own. That’s when Kathy (Claire Danes) comes along. Plus a tandem of machines of dissimilar mission to bring them romantically together.Swoon!

           It would have been appropriate for James Cameron to direct this final (?) installment since 1.) He has directed the first two; 2.) His debut in making romantic films was a tremendous feat. Not that I agree with the latter.

           T3 shows us that even an obsolete version could kick some advanced one’s ass. (Moral lesson, huh?) That’s expected. It’s been a long time since I heard Arnie say, “You’re terminated!!” I know how difficult it is to portray a deadpan role. Look at how Kristanna Loken failed to resist the urge of smirking and gasping. But for Arnie, it’s damn easy. That, too, is also expected.

           But what I’m not prepared for is the realization that sci-fi movies today have to include a lengthy car chase scene. The first was Matrix Reloaded. (See? Terminator 3 deserves respect!) Good thing cars are not yet available in Middle Earth markets. But of course, LoTR is not a sci-fi movie!

           Speaking of cars, how come the machines from the future can’t come up with self-traveling models? I’m on the road everyday and the last thing I want to encounter are machines disguised under human skin manipulating trucks, cranes, police cars and all. Considering they produced machines with no hair strand out of place and with exceptional taste for sunglasses, it wouldn’t be too much to ask, right? 

           Am I right to assume that the fourth part shall hit the theaters soon? Let’s visualize it, folks. John and wife Kathy with children (yep, plural) as they try to run and hide from the attackers. More masterful works from Stan Winston. And more nude scenes involving Arnie.

           As Arnie put it, “Talk to the hand!”