I was in a pig out mood one afternoon when a colleague, whose taste for films I could not dispute, warned me of this movie called Down With Love. She emphasized the greatest consolation throughout the movie were the full shots, medium shots, close ups and (hell, yeah!) the extreme close ups of Ewan McGregor. Since I’m no McGregor fan, I waved my hand and announced there’s no way I’m watching it.

           Online activities made me eat my words. It is best to watch it since we’ll be discussing the screenplay adaptation. What’s harder to accept is my usual movie-tie in discriminatory bookshelf would have to welcome an alien come next week.

           Down With Love narrates how a male-dominated writing industry is toppled by a saleswoman in the person of Barbara Novak (Renee Zellwegger) with her smashing debut, “Down With Love”. This book instructs the modern woman not to connect romance with happiness and how to use self-pleasure to distract their innate desire for love AND marriage. Of course, men find this absurd. Including the writer assigned to do the promotional article for the mentioned novelist, Catcher Block (Ewan McGregor). Due to complications, a mere lack of interest led to revenge: Catcher would prove to the empowered women in the nation that their celebrated icon does not practice what she preaches. He’d make her fall in love deeply for his other persona, Major Zip Martin. Little does he know that Barbara has something up her sleeves.

           Since it’s a love story, I wasn’t able to see more of Vikki Hiller (Sarah Paulson) and her struggle to kick some male asses in the Banner House. Thrills me in the core. I imagine lots of Chanel-painted grins underneath sarcasm-laced remarks, evil plans to outwit the men with two initials, sex a la carte and morbid bloodbaths the morning after…Only it’s not a mystery/thriller. It’s a chick flick.

           Speaking of, I have only read 3 pieces under the Chick Lit genre: 1.)Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason; 2.) Tara FT Sering’s Getting Better and 3.) Barbara Novak’s Down With Love. Should the lead females really be in the writing industry or I’m just illiterate for the past few years? Say, is there a screenplay adaptation of Clueless?

           The movie was one stimulating ride that penetrates your funny bones, your hormones and at some point your brain cells. I’m a girl myself but I find it truly annoying that some of my sisters are too in love with the concept of love and are too attention-deprived to make it known that her beau had just trimmed his nine nails and reserves the other one for the rainy days. No Down With Love specie shall outlive the others. And as for the men? Wait, my mouth is full. Hmmm…damn, no almonds?!

           While I watch the movie, I couldn’t help but get distracted by some visuals from Moulin Rouge and Chicago. Down With Love is not as entertaining as Chicago (which I immensely enjoyed. I am no one’s wife but I love my life!) but not as historically illogical, I hope, as Moulin Rouge (Like a virgin, hey!, touched for the very first time!) Hey, hey, abort images of Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot and Britney Spears! Think Nicole Kidman.