02.10.03; Temperamental Thursday (so far and so it shall be); 02:09

No. of days before the desired regularization: 5. No. of L2 agents who aired their disbelief upon discovery that I’m only aged twenteen: 2. No. of days before the October EB: 2. This week’s overworked body part: right index finger. No. of friends in Friendster: 2.

Dear Niwee,

It’s been exactly seven months when my right index finger clicked on that pink icon that welcomed to the perky online community of Female Network. Ambivalent, I was lured to join to mock the tech savvy chick within me. You could say the girl on the mirror hates me back.

Sigh. Aside from being a masochist, I have this incurable fixation on my past. So allow me to retrace my former steps since I’m currently bored stiff in my trudge. It was seven months ago when I unwittingly opened a thread in the Jobseekers forum just to ask if the mentioned forum send job alerts. Of course, I was lucky not to be reciprocated by sarcastic prose. I recall unwittingly announcing to the world that I’m a newbie under a fellow newbie’s thread. I was surprisingly blessed to receive a welcoming verse.

Leave not with a whispher, leave not with a sigh

Or else hearts will fracture, and they will cry

Return, oh dearest, hither, our rendezvous

Never leave me with much, much longing for you

Allow me to savor your words until the day I age

Do scribble your jagged scrawls upon every page

And pleasure I shall gather with every reply from thee

Hinging on the bliss derived from your grace, I’ll be

Leave not, this boy, oh, to your beauty now engaged

Rapture I have for meeting and having the top four vixens in this niche as my online/offline friends. There’s Leeney_V (the poster formerly known as Leeney_B) whose persona is aged to perfection. How elevated I feel when I see her email address in my inbox is nothing compared to actually see her in the flesh one Saturday evening in Cena. Through one of my non-image quizzes, I encountered the damsel from Davao named Phoebe. Thus came the birth of the Book Club, which bridged me to fellow ranting writers in their early 20’s: Crazybitch and Gumpaste. I was a virgin in comparison to them. And they never get tired educating me about YM, among others. If I were to be asked in the obsolete Give me 5! thread (or the Give me 10!) to name my greatest virtual friends, I would start my reply with a “This is one of those moments I wished my comrades have this inclination for alternicks,” and go ahead with the enumeration of the four force behind the Scorpion Syrup.

Unfortunately, I never get asked such questions.

One thing I miss about online opportunities is receiving snail mail. Can you imagine my astonishment upon hearing that I received one last week? Then imagine the abrupt transformation to disappointment what it reads:

June 05, 2003

Dear ___________,

Thank you for banking with us. We look forward to a mutually satisfying banking relationship.

Maraming salamat po!

If I were to be asked, I prefer to receive more from Speechpower.