09.10.03; Therapeutic Thursday; 11:59

Days after my desired regularization: 2. No. of drafts done for the article: 0. No. of ukay ukay shops invaded this week: 3. Texting power: phP15.00 Buying power: On the verge of extinction. Any reasons to be inspired lately: Nada.

Dear Niwee,

Therapeutic? After a week of being a run-in-the-mill agent, a kuripot trip for the past four days, therapeutic should be the last adjective to advertise my day. But hey, this is me, idle moments are my invites to recall my sad, sorry life.

Last Sunday, I went out with Mommy, my sole friend who could make ‘dining’ in Jollibee an intelligent experience (McDonald’s, turn up and sign in my guestbook so I could show you how to transfer the funds), a trip to Quiapo (holler, Ricky Lee!) and Baclaran an equivalent to a spree in the Big Apple, an ordinary bus ride cinematic and panic buying of pirated DVDs as we try to save up for our own player sound necessary, to splurge our wages and rekindle the undying flame. For those who don’t know us, it’s pretty hard to understand what’s to rekindle in the first place. Oh, well. The price of being Promil kids.

I was just being myself when she suddenly commented that I was soooo Samantha from Sex and The City. It was effortless for my forehead to react.

Now wait a minute. Does she have this incurable Tame The Bad Ass Syndrome?

Last Saturday, I had another neoprint moment with 2 of my online-turned-offline pals – EJ11 and Crazybitch. Panoramic moment it was, until my so-called suki asked in disgust, “Anong ginagawa mo sa mga yan?”

Just got back from yosi break with Tish.

Could not believe it. Have you seen Nyoy Volante’s music video for “Nasaan Ka Na?” Or should I say, have you seen the music video I directed for Media Production class? Spot the difference. Makes me wanna go to the nearest production house I know and …