1. Food Tripping with Ems and Enteng

2. Rebond or Rejoice?

3. Si PH Care Girl o Si Lactacyd Girl?

4. The McDonald’s-Jollibee Affair

5. The Argentinian Winner


Kung Ako Na Lang Sana is just another typical Filipino movie. Apart from being badly casted (sure, Sharon Cuneta and Aga Muhlach are both cinema and advertisement giants here, but hell, they looked like promoting incest! Not to mention the useless Silent Bobs throughout the movie), it mocked the audience’s ability to decipher the dissimilarity between a wig and the real hair, it provided a couple of unnecessary sob scenes, it bragged how versatile local TV journalists are, it ended with an air of reunion (but thank God it’s not a song number in the beach or the miraculously traffic-free streets of Manila or in Tagaytay overlooking the Taal Volcano) and it is a homegrown mushy song converted to an audio visual delight. Who knows, it may even have a Hollywood counterpart. And of course, when you watch a local movie, rest assured that you already know the ending. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out so let’s blame it to the lengthy trailers.


Before I go on, allow me to clarify that I was just blackmailed to watch this. I didn’t see the trailer, not even the movie poster.


In fairness to Tita Shawie, the movie tackled the horrors of having over aged ovaries and the question of prioritizing money over honey. A good friend tied the knot at the age of 21 and now a mother of 3 at 28. She avers that regret is an alien concept when her family life is being asked: 1. Given she remains health-conscious, she’d witness and partake in the growth of her own children. 2. Unlike her friends who either gave in or not to the lure of photo finish wedding, she is very contented with how both her family and career turned out. Not that I’m convinced that I should do the same.


I also appreciate how the movie raised the point that money and friendships do not rhyme, as well as close friends tend to be one’s major hindrance to happiness. Remember the scene when Sharon Cuneta berates Kristine Bersola for unwittingly giving up her career over her new flame? It makes you wonder if the former really listens at all, if she responds out of concern for her friend’s future or she’s just bitter since she’d be the sole Singleton in the club – no boyfriend, no children, not even a business associate.


Since it’s a romance flick, we were compelled to focus more on the friends-turning-lovers theme. Frustrating it is to be comfortable with someone you can’t have for the rest of your life but it is even more frustrating for viewers to see Ems (Sharon Cuneta) and Enteng (Aga Muhlach) suppress themselves and to get third parties to emphasize the point. I bet those who know me well are cocking their eyebrows already. (“What happened to the girl who previously fell for her best friend?”). Either I learned my lesson or I’m too masochistic to expect an ala In The Mood For Love twist.