24.10.03; Funny Friday; 11:45

Days after desired regularization: 17. No. of sources that indicate my immaturity should come to a screeching halt: 2. Sources of inspiration at work lately: Where?! No. of pumpkins at office: Writers don’t count. Purchasing power: Almost imaginary. Texting power: Gone for an indefinite period of time. Sleeping hours: A privilege. This week’s butt of joke this week: Me and my hair. No. of CMMA awardees who miraculously said “On behalf” instead of the very erroneous “In behalf” ..until we left: 3. No. of Friendsters: 34. Breakdown: Officemates: 22, High school friends: 2, College friends: 1, Virtual friends: 6, My friend’s friend: 3.

Dear Niwee,

Funny how convinced I was the previous week that things are falling into places for me – to the extent that I even pigeonholed this upcoming natal day as the cheeriest of them all – when all the tragedies fall into piles. The possibility of losing Bill Gates’s favor greets our leaders every single day, the unbearable pain of losing my beloved mobile phone/alarm clock/wrist watch/password storage and…and…and…All right, I’m just exaggerating. What’s new?

Funny how an online quiz and an encounter with a supervisor last week resulted to me being informed I’m a five-foot kid was reversed this week with numerous career offers. (Take note of the word ‘numerous’. You bet, I tend to exaggerate. Congratulations, you have an impressive attention span!) Plus, he used to say I remind him of his kid. But after we revealed our DVD collection to each other, he said I talk like his big sister. Hmmm…

Last Monday, a young beggar asked for alms just when I was attempting to appease my mounting hunger. After I declined to provide him with coins, he made an appalling comeback and asked for my burger. I refused, but subsequent complications made me change my mind. With my spirits and stomach uplifted, I went to my next destination. Guess what? I got interrupted minutes later by the same kid and his silent accomplice to give them my ice cold Pepsi as well. The nerve to ‘go the extra mile’! No exaggerations this time.

The Catholic Mass Media Awards. Funny how assured you are that nominations won’t exactly mean winning the title would change the exact moment you’re on the floor. Not the presence of Korina Sanchez (a TV journalist) or Carlo Maceda (a hunk in the Bachelor Bash, a hunk in the CMMAs until he spoke) could alter one’s mood. Since I’m a nobody, the event was a complete drag. Though having my picture taken with Donita Rose and seeing ‘those’ columnists in the flesh could be considered a highlight, I still perceive containing my urge to drag presenters to the nearest Speechpower office as a heart-racing experience. They peruse too many scripts.

Good thing I left before the show was over. Yeah, keep those insults coming. I have a demanding digestive system to appease and a job to keep. How about a round of applause for this team player?

X’S: For the record, for the Nouveau Riche bitch: here’s my middle finger!