31.10.03; Home-bound on a Halloween; 13:39

This week’s favourite tribute: http://www2.femalenetwork.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=18200. This week’s favourite back handed compliments: “Tumaas ang tingin ko sa’yo nang malaman kong writer ka,”and “Maganda ka pala pag maysakit,” No. of callers who reacted positively when I greeted them “Happy Halloween!”: 3. Halloween tricks: Hearing my lost phone’s message alerts. Halloween treats: Devouring somebody else’s Halloween treats for kids. Latest source of entertainment: My PhP40-worth mood ring.

Dear Niwee,

I am so pathetic. It’s Halloween – and a day after payday at that – and I’m heading straight to my house, straight to my bedroom. Alone. Instead of guzzling down vodka, I’d be spending the weekend sipping calamansi juice. Instead of creepy costume, I’d be wearing a typical snorefest outfit. No dates, no neoprints, no text messages, no back massages, no new buys, no burps, no life.

I hate being under the weather. I also hate it when my preference has to bend to the budget. Can’t the world realize how I badly need a phone right now?