02.11.03; Solitary Souls’ Day; 22:51


Amount of instant pancit canton being consumed today: 3 packs. Amount of rice and viand being consumed today: None. No. of hopeful souls encountered tonight in the cemetery to encounter more people: 4. Total number of people met in the cemetery tonight: 0. Total number of people met in the cemetery gates: 6. Non-Halloween related boob tube shows viewed today: WWE’s Summerslam and Smackdown.


Dear Niwee,


Since I’m one poor sap, I contented myself this weekend with audiovisual and virtual images. Since the world wants to be scared this weekend, I threw my hands and gave up to the trend. The thing is, I’m no expert about spirits and gore unlike my two friends Gumpaste and Crazybitch but hearing out the thinking [media] man in me would be worth the time, wouldn’t it?


It is almost like a rite here in the Philippines to be glued in front of their TV sets to watch Magandang Gabi Bayan, a documentary show. They have 2 types of viewers: 1. Loyal viewers who religiously watch the segments every Saturday evening; 2. Sleepers who wake up and tune in only on Halloween and New Year’s. I recall one high school reunion which ended up in screams as we all watch the mentioned show (few declined to attend since they hated to miss the episode) and I recall rolling my eyes Saturday noon as Yeng calculated if dropping off to Pain and Rehab for back massage would result to missing the show. Out of sheer boredom and subconscious interest, I ate my own words.


The best part is always the dramatization. Here we saw poor use of prosthetics, continuity mistakes and bad acting. I’m not expecting much so I spent the night guffawing. Let’s not forget the interviews – they were conducted in the dark! Take note: they’re not rape victims.


Again, today, out of sheer boredom, I went out to the veranda and saw my brother watching Scariest Places On Earth marathon. (Our trip to the cemetery was delayed since Mom has to leave and we need to wait for the maid to go home.) So I killed time watching the Halls invade Lucedio and the Menegauxs flirt with the tortured souls in the Henadoara Castle in Transylvania.


I may have lauded Linda Blair’s decision to accept the offer for The Exorcist but I don’t feel the same for her hosting the mentioned show. Sure, the black outfits were distracting, but about being pawned to hype the people with misguided lust for paranormal experience to jump to the next plane and dare break the silence these restless souls were observing is downright silly. Makes me theorize that such show were just after exponential ratings through orchestration. And volunteering families after money. If not, then how come self-proclaimed laidback man like Noel Hall would go on and yell each time he senses the unknown?


Makes me ponder hard, how much is the voice over fellow’s voice allowance? I’m considering having a new job.



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