30.11.03; Siomai and Shake on a Sentimental Sunday; 23:18


Another look alike: Local sexy star Andrea del Rosario. Another ‘nickname’: Prue Halliwell. Another reason raised behind my recent astral projection: An ‘occupant’ in the office has ‘borrowed’ my image. Creepy. No. of ‘peace be with yous’ given orally: 7. No. of ‘peace be with yous’ sent through text messages: 2. No. of old instructors encountered today: 2. No. of old abnormal friends chatted with today: 3. No. of old classmates I had siomai moment with today: 1. No. of old crushes seen today: 0. No. of stains acquired today: 2.


Dear Niwee,


Mommy has had constant dreams of the entire high school class with the late Triggerman who claimed his diploma ahead than the rest of the class. She concluded the former class clown has a message to deliver, but quite unsure what. Clueless as well, I conceded to her idea to give his grave a visit. After that, we went to hear the Mass (my first for ages) and rocked old sisters Celay and Melch’s crib. Celay is still a loyalist in her three-year relationship, not with her erstwhile dream lover Vince Hizon, that is. Thank goodness. Melch, meanwhile, is still a big-time basurera who took pride in showing off the missives Mommy and I lovingly gave her, even the hair Mommy allowed her to cut from her, plastic spoon and forks we utilized in a certain party and what-not. I still have the novel she wrote for me and reminded her in a very demanding tone that I haven’t received the soundtrack. She shut the clam up.


It was rejuvenating to finally see these two damsels after years of non-communication. My pride’s part to be blamed, yes. We all exchanged news about former classmates’ current business and former bloopers, planned a night in a Chinese restaurant all together and discuss new matters. We must have grown up.


“You haven’t changed at all,” Melch noticed, amazed that Mommy’s views about relationships were uncorrupted, untouched by college years. I hint Mommy took it as a sign that she didn’t grow, which I seconded since she is now into re-reading her Sweet Valley Twins and Friends books plus her firm refusal to situate herself where Opportunity loves to hang out.


Job opportunities were scarce for fresh grads. We got employed to jobs we don’t really want to keep in hopes to climb to the career we have long aspired to have. And in dire need of money. One of us taught English for Korean kids (she is being paid by hour she spends instructing them) who would sometimes postpone their classes in the last minute. So she goes home empty-handed and angst-filled. One of us gets hired as a substitute for a pregnant woman. Dead end jobs she always succeed to have, but the call center industry still stands to be an aloof territory. One of us lands a job in her desired company, yes, but got bitched at for the wrong reasons and was even tasked to read a screenplay writing contest entry when she was just a production assistant. Where have all the panelists gone? And me. I work as a zombie in a call center who resurrects as a shopaholic every 15th and 30th of the month and…


I should stop whining or cursing about my job…in the restrooms. Earthbound spirits may get attracted to me. Flattering but really, really chilly.