Sunday, 21.12.03


Yeng dreamt of me.


Both of us were ebulliently chatting in a sofa. Seated nearby is the most attractive guy on earth named Hans. Nobody dared to crack our bubble. Then, Yeng had to go. All of a sudden, I leaned back to Hans’s upper body. Yeng had to do a double take, shocked. Hans subsequently wrapped his arm around me. Yeng was now flabbergasted. But she went on.


She came back seeing the two of us snuggling. I said I had to change for the concert we’re attending.


Yeng and Hans went to purchase the tickets. Glad that we finally end up together, she insisted Hans to buy only 2 tickets. Hans was unwilling, handing her PhP1000 and PhP500 bills to indicate another pal of his is going. Afterwhich, he escorted Yeng with an arm around her shoulder to a room occupied by faces Yeng recognized as officemates. Uncomfortable, she fidgets and attempts to break free from his hold. Those were futile.


I entered the room. Based on Yeng’s descriptions, I was sporting a cute look – white top and pastel-colored jumper/skirt.


The dream ended since Yeng was then being dragged out of bed.