25.12.03; Natividad Nuisance; 17:16


Favourite greeting for today: Pra s babaeng mrming kna-creer sa buhy,s ta0ng d maubus-ubusn ng mga d-mpliwnag n ideya,s kaibgn kong bakla…meri chrisTMAS po!! Labyu gurlett!mwah!;o) No. of Friendster testimonials accomplished today: 5 so far. Form of entertainment today at work: Testimonial brasuhan and overeating. No. of kisses received under the mistletoe: Zilch.


Dear Niwee,


Christmas is evil. It is the biggest marketing ploy of the year and the most tremendous fraud-inducing celebration there is.


Take this one instance when I was on my way to work last Tuesday, approximately 02:45. The trip from Baclaran to Ayala Edsa costs only PhP4 but the bus conductor consigned me a ticket worth PhP12 with the black marker superimposing the numeral 4. Go figure.


This season also compels people to embrace misplaced frugality. Today, we employees were wholeheartedly given packed lunch: rice, 4 lumpiang shanghai rolls, 2 barbecue sticks and caldereta. Yummy? Not when you know it’s a dose of clinical misery. And I have to stress that last year’s Christmas lunch was from Kenny Roger’s.


The most painful reality this holiday stabs your heart is the established need to be around with your beloved ones. If I were allowed to rant, I have a father who works overseas and nearly landed to Hades’s shores the week before and an incubus for a steady boyfriend. Add the freezing breeze that shoots up your libido everywhere.


I’m now ready for the happiness-is-self-generated crap. Bring it on!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


X’S: Is it just me and my technical incompetence or Friendster sets too high a standard for matchmakers? Damn.