Monday, 05.01.04

I dreamt of Hans. It was a typical dream, the type wherein you recognize the faces but the location sounds too…fictional.Here’s the recalled bits:

Act I

The setting is initially unfamiliar but I’m positive that the faces belong to my colleagues. It all happened during the day but it appeared too dim. I saw Hans arrive and my heart surged to see him for the first time after a long time. I just keep on stealing glances of him while we work. This time, he is positioned closer to me.

Act II

Here’s the weird bit. There was an instance that I lay down in bed, covered myself with blanket until it covered my head. Conscious that he sits just acroos my bed, I lowered the blanket in effort to make him see my face as I slumber. And yes, I was hoping he was curious how I look like when peacefully sleeping.


Lying in his bed, a boss’s announcement fell on his inattentive ears. I approached him and relayed the message. I forgot what I told him but I am absolutely sure he responded verbally. Typically deaf, I leaned over and signaled him to repeat. He said, “Thank you” whilst looking staright to my eyes. Bashful and probably blushing from his gesture, I bowed down and nodded as I exit.

Act IV

Again, I could feel his presence from the sofa beside mine. I was talking to a young boy whose face I don’t recognize but I treat as if my nephew. (I don’t have one since I’m the oldest among my cousins maternal side.) I was asking him why he didn’t join our other relatives when they went to Boracay. I could feel Hans’s eyes boring on my back and ears peeled to our coversation. I have completely forgotten the toddler’s reply.

Act V

All of a sudden, the setting bacame clear: it was my house. Domestic faces replaced the ones I saw before.

Then the dream ended. Bummer.