Thursday, 08.01.04

Although the visuals weren’t congruent, I was waiting for friend/s in SM Bacoor. As usual, I arrived punctual. Too punctual for my pathologiclaly late friend/s. I was making rounds in the Home Department until I encountered two of my college batchmates, one of whom I have encountered in another mall and reciprocated her pretense my familiar figure escaped her eyes.

All of a sudden, there was a replay of Mariah Carey’s visit to Manila. She was on elevator with one stranger until a newly-made friend/ster I met in Enchanted Kingdom entered the elevator along with a couple of her friends. Although her real name is Weyden, her name in my dream is Savannah. I recall texting her since I saw her on elevator and tried to catch her attention but it appeared like a 3D thing to me. She didn’t text back.

Off I went with a desolate air in my heart. I re-arranged my paperbags then showed up Joey de Leon. We subsequently had a silent ride in the sidecar. Then I said, “This reminds me of Karen.[elementary and highschool classmate] Sya lang kasi yung nakakasama kong sumakay ng sidecar na yung gulong tumatama sa riles,” It appears my resentment for his lateness was temporarily lifted.

The next thing I know, I was half asleep and taking heed to the call of nature. I opened a door but I immediately retrieved when I saw it was Joey de Leon’s room. The next door led to Winter‘s and Barbie‘s room. Winter is beside her nephew whereas Barbie is solo on the opposite bed. The toddler bawled after I flushed the toilet installed UNDER THE BED. I apologized. Barbie’s slumber was interrupted.Winter commented that she was inviting Barbie to sleep beside them but I argued it would be too uncomfortable for them. Barbie nodded in agreement.

I went out of the room but I still feel the need to pee.

I woke up from bed and did it for real.