07.02.04; Sad Saturday; 12:13

Text of the week: It’s rly funny no, d same ppol who h8 pops coz sh has d best lukng boylet r d same ppol who applaud demi 4 bein a go-girl wth hr ashton. Mga walang paninindigan, hahaha! 😀 (Ouch!) Dinner of the Week: Chocolate truffle and verbal (at long last!) exchange with leeney_V. Lunch of the Week: Penne al Telefono and Spinachi with Vflaire. Breakfast for The Entire Week: The 21:00 Combo: Nesvita and Cold Water. Revenge plots created: 1.

Dear Niwee,

It is never funny how customer service representatives are being treated. Last Wednesday, Josh, Yeng and I had this expectation that we’d temporarily forget we have torsos as we enter the glass doors of Pain and Rehab. What ensued is the otherwise. Unlike the usual treatments, I just sat and my upper body just leaned over to the bed. I was even advised, “…go back every other day for better results. Sa PT huh,” Whilst performing my stretches and closing my eyes to prevent the lure of cheating, my dear masseuse (spell check) checked on me, “Nakakailan ka na, uhm, batang inaantok?” Oh yes, the wench called me batang inaantok, not Ma’am, not Ms. And her colleague, who approached my bed to have a clearer discussion with the supposedly therapy specialist assigned to me if they should have their merienda in KFC or not, called me 21 upon finding out it was my age. “O, tapos na ba si 21?” I heard her ask while I change to regular clothes. Is it my imagination or I actually heard her stomach growl? Oh yes, the prick addressed me as 21, not Ma’am, not Ms.

On the other side of the room, the prick who addressed me as 21 was being rude to mentor Josh. By the way, she calls Josh as Ganda. She even directly aired her desire to throw the powder and oil in favor of the call master and headset. Ha! Swap places, huh? When I get back, I’d introduce to her the concept of an irate customer.

Lately, I have had unexpected encounters with college chums and arranged meetings with highschool comrades about career opportunities. Does this imply that it’s high time for me to practice my vocation? Naks.

How I fall as an example to melancolia’s previous entry about bloggers who go blank when seated in front of their monitors but are ironically teeming with creative inputs when a quill is a distant possession. Even gumpaste confessed being a victim of this syndrome. I told this to leeney_V and she said matter-of-factly that just proves how good a writer we are. I expressed my appreciation for her spontaneous journal in myspace: 1. When her 5-year-old child used the word taxidermist whereas the parents’ vocabulary could only go as far as stuffer. 2. When she confided that her inclination towards Justin Timberlake is justified. (By the way, his stage stint involving Janet Jackson, I believe, is his blatant answer to his erstwhile doll’s 55-hour marriage. On the other hand, Leeney thinks it’s a ploy for the mentioned falling star.)

Damn Blank Page Syndrome!

The power of assumption is hilarious unless you become the victim. I used to think that the absence is faith is a walk away from the puddle, a deviant choice that actually made sense. Now I know better.