25.02.04; Tech Tragedy; 22:09


No. of Valentine date-rejects turned Friendster-wannabe: 1. No. of therapeutic phone calls with a CCP winner this week: 1. Approximated transportation expenses for my desired Bangkok getaway: PhP20,000. Approximated transportation expenses for my compulsory Leyte/Cagayan de Oro visit: Discounting my youngest brother’s? Less than PhP10,000.


Dear Niwee,


Last week, I was once reminded of the technical aspect of blogging. Of course, I learned it the hard way.


It all roots from my sheer delight and pride of how cool motime is. I found out motime users could send private and instant messages to one another. Plus, my entry to the highly enjoyable Bloggers’ Café. I decided it’s high time to go further.


I tried inserting links (as evidenced by the previous post). Powered with optimism, I went on adding image to my entry. That’s when it all happened: old entries overlapped the new one as if they’re marking their territories. Update, delete, update, delete. It worsened. Removed the image, update, delete. Same result.


I grabbed my phone and dialed 911.


I have never denied my technical limitations. In fact, this is the second time I deleted entries along with the comments with it. Now they’re all gone. I know, in the future, I’d still commit errs with more traumatic bruises to offer. But hey, shit happens.


Besides, if this didn’t occur, guess who’s still an uninvited figure in this virtual nook?








X’S: I miss my jar, though.












This is my first cheque as a media practitioner. Hurrah!


Photo successfully posted on 14.06.04, 02:14. Independence Day from Ignorance indeed.