02.03.04; Thankful Tuesday; 00:48


Latest online scoreboard: _FLORNAHDAHL_, Miss Piggy’s twin sister. You are a fat snob who knows nothing else but movies and books. Get ready for virginal spinsterhood. (At least s/he didn’t pinpoint that my sole contribution in GT is counting votes). Increase in site visits: Exponential, probably. Increase in waistline: Nada, perhaps. No. of film enthusiasts who showed cold reception for this year’s Oscar’s: 1.


Dear Niwee,


Thank God for the Oscar’s. I now have the excuse to bitch and segue to the recently concluded Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Awards Night. Therefore, I may now spill the beans and levitate my best friend Mommy who at the age of 21 has won unanimous nods from CCP lords for her personal documentary entitled Cheese Curls. Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey! Both the images and dialogues weave the story of her slow but touching acceptance of having an autistic sister. Technically? As usual, my footage sucks. But since it’s a documentary I earned the respect of former MTRCB chair Sir Nick Tiongson for the way I held the camera. The tech dork from DLSU-D was actually praised in UP-Dil.


Mommy, if you’re reading this, I know you didn’t get the chance to deliver your speech. Let my humble virtual nook be your podium. Love you.


Thank God for the deadlines. 2 articles and 2 paychecks to wait. Not that it’ll help me on my vacation later this month. But heck, I’m grateful.


Thank God for my infinitesimal memory – I have finally purchased a new toothpaste which vflaire should rejoice about and I have asked Owa for a dinner date.


Thank God for the Manong Guards. I’d soon find out why.


Thank god for the Internet. With it, my circle of friends has evolved into friendsters and friendzy. Plus, out of my solid year of having frequented girltalk (sniff, sniff), this snob has met and kept good friends. Just like what the Spice Girls used to say in their smashing albums: you know who you are. (Oooopsss…did my disclosure drive them away?)