07.03.04; Sunny/Stormy Sunday; 11: 31


Star-struck moment/s of the week: 1. (Star = editors-in-chief, screenwriters, auteur filmmakers, directors of photography, etc.) Bedroom’s new motif: Refugee look. Ningas cogon challenge this week: 1. Latest laughingstock in the history of the Philippine television which I un/fortunately witnessed: The concluding edition of To The Max, particularly the Q&A portion.  On comatose: My PC at home. If it wakes up, I’ll call her Jenna. If otherwise, Matt.


Dear Niwee,


Okay, so my name nearly made it to immortal fame in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best friend anyone could ever have. but there’s always a next year, right? There’s always a next year to be recognized for my impeccable performance: For a friend, I am often here, there and everywhere. As a friend, I only say “when?”. To be a friend, I am nobody else’s.


So how come I suck as a big sister? How come I leave my room open for them so they could listen to my tunes of ridicule? How come I permit them to hop to my bed and feel the clutches of living nightmares? How come I introduce them to the Rubicon of alienation? And how come I have no time to elaborate that I actually aim to be known as the sister of one of the unparalleled minds who walked the earth?


For a sibling, I am nowhere in sight. As a sibling, I only say “what???”. To be a sibling, I am somebody else’s. Maybe I should forget my aspiration to become a good friend since I’m so fucking forgettable as a big sister.


X’S: Have you seen the Halina Perez tragedy segment on The Buzz? JV Villar was asking survivor Danna Garcel with an air of journalistic hunger when Boy Abunda and the completely healed Kris Aquino butted in to focus on drama. Funny is, Villar didn’t attempt to re-claim his airtime right. He was NODDING to a coach in absentia. This must be a go signal for one of my theories.