14.03.04; Lost and Lonely; 23:20


Text message of the Week: ano ka bA? U nid variety. Boring if excellent filmmaking na lang lagi. U cnt make okray…Wers d fun in being awed ol d tym? See? No. of eyebrows that cocked a fraction of an inch upon seeing me sport a backpack: 1. No. of females who made a nude beach out of the hallways: 1. No. of beefy men who chose me and my shirt to show literate they are: 1. No. of times the boom mic made a cameo appearance in Gothika: 2. Latest sender of my snail mail: Social Security System (SSS). No. of reminders, both verbal and written, sent to my supervisor to approve my vacation leave application: 2.


Dear Niwee,


This March, we have a total of 3 airport moments involving family members. Tita M and family had just arrived today, Tita M2’s Chinese diet would officially end tomorrow and Papa’s landing on Philippine soil is still unconfirmed.


However, close friends are taking turns to leave. Nesi, as of writing, must be reuniting with her Mom in Los Angeles. Mami will not make it on next year’s Alumni Homecoming. Give him time and Hubs will be back in Brunei. I expect Mars to be boning up for school in Australia. Germany hasn’t closed its ports and runways yet for Cid.


I’m no patriot but I prefer to stay. My mom has great dreams for me in the Land of the Corned Beef but my full stomach is clamoring for more sisig servings. Pity on me if I recite my usual words of pissdom as a choosy motorist, a Film Noir-hungry viewer, a 70%-off manic, a lyrical critic and a virtual parasite and feel it fall on foreign ears. Besides, I’m not yet ready to be a circumcision advocate.


What then is wrong with me? An ambitious fool like me – a Filipina at that – can’t just associate contentment with local shores. Sure, I have daydreams of attending Cannes Film Festival and the Brit Awards and wet dreams of Bruce Willis in Scottish kilt but it is uncharacteristic of me to shrug it off Juan Tamad-style. Is the license to be a lazybone the main attraction here? Am I too barbaric I could only risk another blood compact instead of another bloodshed, as dear crazybitch has theorized? Or am I too inhibited to give ice hockey an approving nod?


Let’s try to solicit feedback from Joe. “You ask me that? You’re form here, you should be the first to know.” Errr…I’m clueless, remember? “It’s the taste of Filipino hamburgers. You guys have come up with such a delicious recipe for hamburgers that I don’t get from the States.” (Source: Porn Again, Jose Javier Reyes, page 85.)


Sigh. I’m counting the days gumpaste is coming back. Cheeseburger, please.