08.04.04; Maundy Thursday; 20:51


Achievement of the Week: My devil-may-care decision to ride in Del Carmen bus tonight. Eyesores of the week: 1. A jeepney driver’s pre-trip non-stop crotch scratching; 2. The Singing Cooks and Waiters-Buendia’s electronic support to FPJ. This week’s miracle/delusion: Hans greeting me.


Dear Niwee,


Yesterday, Mami has started her annual practice of turning off her mobile phone until Easter Sunday. For her, it was her own way of doing penitensya. Somewhere else in Bacoor is a hold up victim with no texting power. It would have been uplifting or at least comforting to have a functional PC at home. No texting and chatting power = doom.


Inspite of how my brothers and I enjoyed bashing Michael Learns To Rock, I have always been convinced I am a closet fan. “Out of the Blue” is the fuel for a sentimental trip. Last Tuesday while I was on my way to work, I sat opposite to a man who succeeded to make me linger on the present. What a feat. All he did was sing.


I was almost about to lose my faith
Was still dreaming but feared it was too late

But then you came along to my surfries
and stole my heart before my bery eyes

You took me right out of the vlue


Hours later, someone from Domino’s Pizza told me, “Peferoni, Ma’am,”



Filipino tongues always get f with p and b with v mixed up.


That’s a pact.