25.04.04; Sleepy Sunday; 22:56

This week’s LSS: Bryan Adams’s “Summer of ‘69” (from the MTV Unplugged). This week’s vaginal event: Querina’s arrival. Impact: Signal # 3. Latest online finds: Trilla (Shhhh!) and the Webby Awards nominee Jeff Harris’s personal site.

Dear Niwee,

Probably guided by a foreign spirit, I made a fearless inquiry to my supervisor which she responded with this:

it looks like either:


1) it wasn’t possible for the previous rep to convert from dial up to IS Premium with 2 mons free and she had to downgrade to ES first to do this OR


2) he made a mistake and clicked ont he wrong thing


This is not a bug po. Everything was triggered by the manual process of plan conversion.

 I was educated. In more ways than one.

Women have always been considered as the weaker sex. Thus the delay of right to suffrage, right to see and be seen in the Olympics and others. But what the above subconsciously argues is that women are more responsible and efficient in the workplace.

Let’s relate this to Philippine politics. Scratch that; let’s go to the archives. After each EDSA Revolution, a woman rises and takes the responsibility of tidying up the Malacañang Palace. When Ferdinand Marcos announced his exit to Hawaii, ex-President Cory Aquino made an entry and celebrated freedom from Martial Law. Next chapter: A throng of students and businessmen yelled and texted their ultimate disgust for the pig disguised as movie actor-turned-politician and won victory. The economist Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo replaced him.

Maybe, just maybe, I could feel the possibility that GMA ain’t winning this time. We need another ousted male leader here.

But why am I making predictions here? I’m not even voting. Feel free to discard this entry.

X’S: Did you notice that the Fantastic Females of the local administration have politician kins and have cemented friendship with ex-Cardinal Sin?