09.05.04; Season Change on Sunday; 08:41

Lesson of the week: Do not judge the magazine by its cover girl. Un-arrested grammar violator/s: The THRUTH SHALL PREVAIL sign in Tarlac. Annoying political ads: 1. ) Jun del Rosatio’s usage of the ABS-CBN emblem above his name. 2.) FPJ’s Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Vote Him. 3.) Erap’s appearance in Jinggoy’s TV campaign.4.) Jamby smiling beside Judy Ann Santos. (Or is it the other way around?) Newest food find: Strawberry pastillas, as recommended (or is it requested?) by gumpaste. No. of new bags: 2. (Speaking of which, what’s the big fuss about jelly bags?!) Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey! Terrible, terrible background noise on one’s bedtime: My dad insists that our new backing horn says “Attention please! This car is backing up,” and my mom repeatedly rebuts with “Emergency! This car is backing up,” No. of men who stood up when the priest told the moms to do so: 2. Call me ultra attentive.

Dear Niwee,

I’m back. I’m back in Etivac. And since I have gone back, people in white shirts that say Baguio City or Pines City were ubiquitous. (And they don’t appear as if they just had a vacation there!) Can’t help but grin and recollect.

Since I went with the people of the future, my Ionic date with Lienne would have to be the ultimate stand out. As usual, we gushed about our current careers (mine is called job, by the way), old friends, bullfrog-sized penises, our favorite laughingstocks and our past crushes and their un-sucked cocks. Only 2 minutes were disappointingly spent on the fact that we were both wearing red tops that night. Maybe Romeo and Kevin don’t find the topic arresting.

Speaking of laughingstocks, I told her about this girl who once pretended she didn’t spot me in Glorietta but shrieked an astounding, conversation-halting “LORNAAAAA!” on my visit in the mentioned mall only because she has a male escort that time. And, I’m struggling to contain my guffaws here, the breeding-less bastard/not-very-proud date made an exit with his neck strangely and questionably stiff. Before this poor girl could dart her eyes back to me, I readied an I-didn’t-witness-that-denial-incident facial expression and fished for updates. And I resisted the urge to ask if she has company.

Ostentatious displays could be really funny. Considering that some trophies are patterned after human form, it is pathetic to see people parade their partners as if they were golden trophies.