23.05.04; Sunless Sunday; 12:29

Recent food finds: Blueberry cheesecake and cappuccino from UCC, Italian Garlic Mushroom pizza from Chef d’ Angelo and something (damn this memory) with curry dip from Banana Leaf. No. of times I pigged out in McDo this week: 2. No. of absences incurred this week: 1. No more health bonus this month. No. of visits in the gym: Zilch.

Dear Niwee,

I had an outrageously healthy social life the past 2 weeks. At my age, you’d probably assume I blew off steam and flirted in discos. If so, you were all wet. It didn’t even cross my mind. Maybe I’m just a being a late bloomer. Or like what I have always theorized, I spent my rebellion age with friends who have outgrown it.

The only event I failed to attend is a high school friend’s wedding being held as of writing. Weddings are very promising, but I foresaw too many white gowns would blind me from reality. Plus, 2 consecutive absences after my 2-rest days don’t sound like a good idea.

X’S: Happy beerday, HamboG!