04.07.04; Independence Issues; 22:32

Text Message of the Week: Wats d fun in sweet? Actvties shud b “sweaty” in ordr 2 b w0rthwyl. – Zycron, after I corrected her it’s ‘sweet dreams’, not ‘sweat dreams’ and ‘lornadahl’, not ‘lornadhal’. No. of career options recently: 3. Most insistent career daydream: Transfer to Baguio City, rent my own place, work in a call center as a team leader this time and a proofreader and events coordinator for part time and, if I have the energy, pursue my Masters. This month’s vaginal event: None. I suspect I already have anemorrhea.

Dear Niwee,

Blonde dolls, I learned, are no classic. The female kids would someday yearn to hear a voice instead of that submissive, lipstick-coated smile. They would cease dressing dolls with fancy clothes since they’d be too busy mixing-and-matching wardrobe for themselves. They, too, would be gushing about their own Kens.

In the near future, dolls would end up being locked and trapped within their plastic boxes, viewing the world from a distance.

So how do you handle being taken for granted?