09.07.04; Filmic Friday; 00:11


Dialogue of the Week: Lornadahl: Bakla yun?! Jin: Oo naman no. Lapitin ka ng bading eh, di mo alam?! 2 things Zycron preached me against: 1. My revived thirst for alcohol (frozen margarita, to be specific) 2. My penchant for ‘designer coffee’. Film-moment-turned-nightmare of the Week: My PhP150-worth elbow-brushing with Hades’s (or whatever Indians call him/her) stinky armpits. Latest compulsion: Taking 2 coffee stirrers each shop I went to make them bookmarks for my newest book, Michael Moore‘s Stupid White Men. (Thanks, leeney_v!) First ever achievement as a call center agent: My caller asking for supervisor to commend the drunken agent as “the rose among the weeds” and “Filipino agents are better than what we have here in the United States,”


Dear Niwee,


Viewing student films is beyond compare. The energy is of limitless supply, the stories limn of reeking morbidity, the closing credits promise great surge of mystery and comedy inspite of its being non-fiction. Since I’m no longer a student, the seat and the booze have a price. For behind-the-scenes scoop? Access denied.


How uplifting it is to be inside this portal tonight. I could feel that the filmmakers behind those are feeding their own audiences, their fellow slave of the arts. Though some I could tell are just soliciting nods and taps from the usual victims of name-dropping. But still, these are the people who burden the greatest crux of all.


Thus my disappointment to see the name Cineforce in the closing billboards. I couldn’t help imagining sequences being shot in the evenings but Vicky Belo-ed to appear otherwise. Or cinematic moods left unexpressed since the professional deemed it improper. I craved for the non-showbiz faces imploring for my empathy. And the awkwardness – the repaired awkwardness.


I recall my old friends and our old Let’s-See-How-Many-Improvisations-You-Could-Think-Of-For-Crane-Shots contest. We only halted when our stomachs cried protests.


But then again, what’s wrong with perfectionism? What’s wrong with being worry-free about the expenses? Didn’t I manifest such similar traits as a student? So what if I have to shell a 6-digit figure for a 10-minute video if this ensures my ticket to academic recognition and/or front door entry to the world of cinema?


How I yearn to be an alumnus.


X’S: Congratulations, direk! Let’s gulp, gulp, gulp.