15.07.04; Chocolate and Chagrin; 16:57


Question of the Day: May sweldo na ba? Quote of the Week: “Kung ang basehan sa pag-akyat sa langit ay ang kalinisan ng bibig, good luck na lang sa’yo!” – Cleo, after I established my point with 4 putang inas per sentence. Putang ina talaga. Realization of the Week: Vacation in Vietnam is a birthday gift I can’t afford to give myself. Putang ina nga. Achievement of the Week: Bagging home my diploma. At last. This month’s vaginal event: The arrival of Romina. Impact: Signal # 2. Yippee! Yahoo! Yehey!


Dear Niwee,


When I should have been having my yoga-and-pilates class and sauna bath, I was actually being an eyesore AND ear sore in that headhunters’ hall. My black, collarless top (read: casual) matched with my pedicure-baring sandals (Special thanks to leeney_v for my bag! Mwah!) is a direct middle finger to all job applicants that day. Add my inconsiderate decision to chatter incessantly with my seatmate. Who could possibly consult one’s vocabulary reserves in order to complete an essay exam with me around? That’s two middle fingers up.


And so my beautiful name was called. My back was effortlessly straight. No amount of anxiety registered on my face. No awkward hand gesture made an appearance. My answers were miraculously Mmmm-free. I was completely high with aplomb. Does this make me a professional job interviewee? No.


I wish I would be possessed by the same vibe when I announce my interest to apply for my ultimately desired position. I would be in denim jeans while I present my interviewer/s my shabbiest sample works and dullest quips. And it wouldn’t matter how I fared in their assessment. *maniacal giggles*