Wednesday, 04.08.04

Destination: Manila Plaza. (Or my memory simply sucks.) When the jeepney parked, I went inside the mall. Once inside, Mars and Mami showed up. It turns out we have a date.

Wednesday, 11.08.04

I was boarding the bus when I realized couple Hans and Horsie (and daughter) were on the front. I pretended I did’t see them. To my surprise, Hans followed me to my seat and initiated a small talk. I greeted back and tried hard not to manifest shock to discover he shaved his head.

Thursday, 12.08.04

Class picture upgrade. This time, we kids are no longer in uniform, the photographers are no longer from Mikelle’s, but surprisingly a group of cool yuppies (One of them is Almie). However, I’m with the unlikely company. Ex-best friend and her best friend were together on the picture. Of course, I wasn’t looking for that. I signed under the correct clique.