21.08.04; Surreal Saturday; 01:43

Alibi of the Week: crazybitch : “It’s shorthand, no!” Shorthand my ass. A misspelled word is a misspelled word! Role Reversal of the Week: crazybitch transforms to a bratty bitch. She went, “Di ako nag-e-LRT!” Moment of the Week: I gave him the “I-think-I-know-you” look. Then he left his company, approached me and planted a kiss on my cheekbone. Then I remembered his name. And his wife. Another reason why Ortigas is not the place for me: ATM machines are unfriendly. No. of short film concepts I’m trying to convert to feature: 2. Aaargh! Where the hell is my muse?! Quirky questions I have to research for my dear friend Phoebe: 1. Do men with 2 piercings per ear are gay? i.e. George Michael. 2. Do men who get circumcised in their late 20’s alter their build? Help me.

Dear Niwee,

Attending this month’s Sine Taktakan only confirmed that Disappointment is enjoying my company. Way too much, I must add.

No matter how skilled Pinoy chefs are, the sex and violence in Pinoy films never fail to make most of us run for the loo and puke. The predictable battle of bullets in an abandoned warehouse annoyingly climaxes with baduy dialogues. I grew up wishing I’d make a cameo appearance and pull the trigger myself. If not, at least I wanted to suggest more title options. Sex stories, on the other hand, either end with sirens gracing the awards night or Mary Magdalenes being stoned with disapproval. So how do we fare against our foreign follower of films?

The panelists, comprised of Scorpion Nights 2 director Erik Matti, FHM’s Eric Ramos, Editor-In-Chief Hermie Beltran, MTRCB member/Urian co-founder Mario Hernando and production designer Richard Somez (Correct my spelling if I were wrong), did not get to answer that. The deluge of nonsensical ramblings killed the healthy discussion. It all started with Matti’s explanation that sophisticated concepts are being drowned by lust for ratings. The next thing I know, students are lining up in queues to recycle the same sentiment: “Hindi kami ang tanga!” Yes, I’m the demon behind gumpaste‘s eyebrow-arching snide, “I wasn’t forced to go here,”

The engaging part of the talk presented these ideas:

1. SM Cinemas would stop showing R-18 films. How alarming.

2. The immortal influx of bold films reflect the suppression that rule among us.

3. If we inherited our culture from the Spaniards, how come their films are unbridled in sense of sensuality? How come we’re being left behind?

Fanning ourselves with palm fronds is not going to help this stuck-in-the-mud nation. The limited option of audio-visual art will only aggravate the lust for gore and nudity. It is an indirect way of allowing piracy to flourish! Look at Switzerland. They legalized prostitution thus the crime rate is zilch. I doubt if similar scenario would materialize here in the land dominated by martinets.

We are walking backwards.