26.08.04; Turningpoint Thursday; 18:04

Quote of the Week: Mama: “Aaaay, ang pula ng dugo kooo!” Laugh trip of the Week: melancolia, sitting next to her hubby, reads erotica‘s PM saying “Marry me,”. Good thing he’s not serious. Jargon of the Week: Wildcard. No. of victims of Mercury Retrograde: 3. What a relief. Yesterday’s eye candy: Raymond Bagatsing. This month’s vaginal event: The arrival of Salome. Impact: Signal # 1 and an ensuing 1-day sick leave.

Dear Niwee,

Here’s to the ladies (and gent) who lunch


crazybitch was the last to show up. After kissing everyone, she lamented her hunger is beyond tolerance, turned to sit beside Lillyanne and exposed a shocking figure – Betty Boop. Later on, she was seen polishing her lips with PINK lipstick. Oh yes, girltalk‘s official icepick sports pink and denies it. I kid you not, the self-proclaimed goth whose mere presence drains people’s energy and party attendance included the one hosted by a girl who drinks goblets of blood wore nothing but pink lipstick, and worse, uses pink BARBIE wallet around town and squirms at the sight of blood in the cinemas. How ironic online personalities turn out to be in the flesh.

The despedida lunch for leeney_v was the ultimate camphor. We missed some people, though. Gumpaste, unfortunately, had an Olympic pool to conquer. Package deal they are, Nibbler took the plunge. Newlyweds fayze and Toxic Bachelor had to prolong the honeymoon. But I’m positive there’ll always be a next time. As surreal as it was, an ex best friend waltzed in front of my eyes, mockingly reminding me of the slow disappearance of my high school and college friends. ‘Where are your old friends, Lorna?’ I could imagine her musing in her soft voice.

What’s in store for a desk jockey like me? Would the faces in front of me go grey (imagine the YM indicator if the user is offline) if I abstain from Internet usage? And would the old ones return to me? Here’s my manicured middle finger. Gazing at the faces that belong to the posters I yak-and-blab with, I’m proud that this newfound friendship is no way GT-based. If yak and blab gets pruned, I bet we’d still meet up and have talk marathons. If someone gets banned, (that means you, erotica) we would still exchange messages. My heart lits up just recalling how the YM sessions branched out to rantings in Figaro and meet-the-family scenarios. Nibbler and erotica join in; HamboL once lent an available ear to my younger brother’s confessions and the pinball (current job: mermaid) expressed her interest to meet him. (Erotica, by the way, is leeney_v‘s ‘devastatingly handsome’ bro. )

Guys, if you’re reading this, thank you. For the text therapy, for the laughter, for the experience. When’s the next meeting? *coughs* Erotica‘s birthday. *coughs*

X’S: For my regular reader, Jess, thank you. Bless your heart.