05.09.04; Spanking on Sunday; 23:42

Additional victims of Mercury Retrograde: 2. My newest cubicle delinquent: The letter A key. Quote of the Week: “Sa haba ng kuko mo, nakakapangulangot ka pa ba?” – Cleo. Face of the Week: sisigmonster. Thanks, blackgeisha! CR Scandal: The maintenance men’s proxy masturbates in the women’s room and plays peeping tom on my colleague. Latest high blood occurence: Spotting another online plagiarist. Aggravation: The stolen chunk of intellectual property is my best friend’s!

Dear Niwee,

In the movie “Pornographer”, the lead actor’s frustration over badly-lighted porn flicks was transformed into eagerness to produce a breakthrough in the world of, err, porn. Though I ended up shaking my head at the end, watching European porn reminded me of that fateful afternoon I viewed it.

Upon seeing me, Nibbler tossed me his mobile phone for my coveted dosage of visual foreplay. “Magsawa ka!” With crazybitch, (I missed erotica) I swallowed at the sight of Jasmine (there’s a flower tucked on her ear eh) grinning inspite of welcoming unprotected dicks after dicks until it counts 300 and the girls using several bottles as alternatives for a big, fat, throbbing cock. I like the Mentos ad, though.

On we went to the main show. Instead of crazybitch’s Japanese porn, nibbler popped in the DVD starring European porn stars. It is given that European films are highly commendable, but how will they fare in the fun factory of porn? My notes say women consistently sport elaborate eye make up, skull-boring stilletos and triangular pubic hair, men love doing back entry, and on one astonishing sequence, used his feet to reach his partner’s tits, the location varies from open places to bath tubs and the cinematography is stylish. Believe it or not, it was filled with transitions! You could see fade ins and fade outs all throughout the performance.

But just like the rest, the lead females had to feign wails of satisfaction as if the producer can’t afford a boom mike.

Porn, for me, is not stimulating for women. If hands are supposed to go down to one’s crotch while watching, mine go to my curled mouth. How could you possibly welcome his appendage to your mouth if he has just inserted it in your butthole for the last few minutes? And would you allow his spit to lubricate you? *cringe*

Maybe it’s high time for me to conquer the world of cinema.