Tuesday, 28.09.04

Childhood buddy Ate Janet still can’t get pregnant. (In real life, she’s a proud mom of a cutie boy.) She invited me, along with the elders, as she swallows miniature, transparent reptiles in hopes of getting pregnant. She made me had one, too.

Outside the jampacked abode, I could see them flying all over the place. I was tasked to purchase a couple of onion skinned papers. When I got back and after my second ‘meal’, the elders revealed that my intake of this animal means I will soon conceive the similar creature as my kid. I argued there is no way Ate Janet would resort to giving birth to such. Deep down I was convincing myself she does have the decency to inform me what I’m putting myself into. They were even shocked I am clueless that my pregnancy will take 14 days. “You should file a leave!” somebody advised.

I don’t want this kid. And I don’t want a reptile for a kid either.