Sunday, 03.10.04

Phoebe texted me this:

I dreamed about the comedian Chocoleit, some inquisitive people I don’t recognize and believe it or not, bobo** – all traveling with me from countryside in a jeep! Chocoleit sat beside me and listened to everything I said, feeling close. She was busy having herself interviewed by other people and the subject washer feud with you! I kept on saying, “Who listens to all her nonsense? Hey, you’re nothing but a senseless twang!” then to her interviewer, “Oh, I can’t believe she’s spreading crap,” I can’t believe too that they’re in my dream.

I said both to her daw and she got out to sit by the opening, ung sabitan ng konduktor sa side? Dun sya umupo nung panay na kantyaw ko sa kanya with Chocoleit as a second voice “Yeah, you are!” The unrecognizable interviewer maybe represented her chismosa fans. Basta I wanted her to eat the crappy drama she’s trying to portray dun sa nagtyaga sa kanya. When I finally got rid of her kasi nakasabit na sya sa labas, I thought, “Kawawang stupida,”. It was a long ride.