Sunday, 17.10.04

My high school class was preparing for the attack of a feared burglar. While the boys served as frontliners, girls were assigned to stand behind the wooden windows. Even before somebody could yell that he’s in the territory, I’m already in a warrior pose. My mind was mocking me that I end up failing whenever I’m too psyched for something.

All of a sudden, the man made a back entry. The others girls ran away. Karen and I were situated at the farthest windows from the door. We just froze. Nobody came in to rescue us. Taking his time, he asked us to remove all our pieces of jewelry.

At this point, I escaped from my dream. I realized I have overslept and I’d be late in the 17:30 mass if I don’t get up on my ass.

He dreamt that our mutual friend diverted her unrequited affection to him. Knowing we’re all aware of his sexual orientation, shock registered on my facial feature.