Friday, 29.10.04

Dbigfailure is dead.

Since the prank plan backfired, my youngest bro and company chopped him into pieces to save their asses. He broke the news to me when I have gone home from work. It’s all been done. I can’t afford to be angry anymore. I can’t even grieve since we have to prevent Mom from finding out.

After dinner, I pulled my brother away from the table to my bedroom. Mom is outside, fixing something in the kitchen. We know she’d ask minutes from now Dbigfailure’s whereabouts. Upon muttering “I miss him already,”, I cried into his arms. He was crying, too.

Sunday, 31.10.04

My best friend Mars and her groupmates Roxy and 2 others has a school project. She was with her boyfriend whose face I don’t recognize. The dream tells me I’m attracted to this guy. The group stayed at my place.