Sunday, 07.11.04

The Big Boss sent an important announcement. Since we had another queue spike, I wasn’t able to reply immediately. When I stood up to check my colleague’s referral numbers, I noticed he was seated on a nearer workstation. With his back facing mine, he shouted, “Lorna, I e-mailed you something. Mag-reply ka!”. I stammered my apology and reasoned out my Outlook is slow again.

Monday, 08.11.04

The Enemy is miraculously nice. His eyes betray his interest to win me back.

Too many extras I had a hard time recalling. After work, we made a daring escape from lola and a friend. With Mami, I raced towards SM by foot, severely nervous that they will follow us. He and his male friend were heading to the same direction but we got separated. When Mami and I made a detour, I saw him ride on a jeepney.