Wednesday, 01.12.04

I picked up HamboL somewhere and rode on a bus. He’s actually attending my beerday party. It turns out 2 of my high school friends Rowiwa and Carolina and their respective beaus were on the same bus, too. HamboL was being aloof.

Off we went to my bedroom. Someone from elementary days subtly said we should not push through, seconded by Mylene who pointed out aggressively that hosting a party while my Mom is ill is a bad idea. Since she’s known as level-headed, I immediately lost my cool and argued in a pissed voice that she’s OK. Since I’m no cook and my parents did not emerge from their room to prepare something for my guests, the food is limited. Plus, it was boring. I even commented, “Wow, ang daming food!” sarcastically. I left my room, slightly opened the master’s bedroom and heard my Dad urging Mom to come out and entertain my visitors and went to the kitchen. I did not bother to close their door.

Apparently, my party is a failure.