25.12.04; Guns & Grave; 22:26

Senti Statement of the Week: Dad: “This is my second Christmas with you all since 1986,” Kilig Moment of the Week: Beso and hug from old crushie. Pero bitin! No.of from-the-depths-of-my-soul/non-template-ish greeting through SMS: 1. No. of days before brother Lee celebrates his 1st monthsarry with nameless girlfriend: 3. Ugh.

Dear Niwee,

Candy is gone. “She shot herself in the head,” her sister shdwbxr informed me through text.

News of self-destruction always leads to inquiries for the compelling reason behind it. Why kill oneself? Why jump to the river of no return when there are strategically-located valleys of comfort? Why listen to the hypnotic lull the dark spirits feed our bloated minds?

You might not agree with me on this, but I actually feel awe when contemplating on ruinous acts. Embracing uncertainty as a way to start over is a display of courage. And so is terminating the revenant turns of predicaments intelligent. We all know the pattern but only a few dares to cease it. We all recognize the lingering pain but only selected souls wanted resistance. We all aspired to be brave but they know the meaning of limitation. Like I’ve said in a previous entry, life is an individual race. We must not allow the illusion of relays and all that bullshit blind us from the stinking reality.

It is easy to make the realization that life is pointless. But it is hard to wake up from that dream.

Goodbye, Candy. May you rest in peace.

– – –

Imagine this: a horde of people cloaked under the guise of authority violating your lifeless body. Would you get up from your eternal sleep to fight for your final need?