Saturday, 01.01.05

dementedvixen and I were on our theology class. One of the topics was the word ‘lornadahl’. It was defined as ‘the process of cleansing oneself from previous sportive and sexual relationship/s’. After dismissal, a fellow member of girltalk joined us and discussed cleansing with us. Then I noticed our talk was leading us to the Landmark terminal, and to my shock, we’re minutes away from a collision with The Enemy. He is alone, armed with his dark sunglasses. Queer thing is, he seemed lost and actually swallowed his 8’3″ high pride and asked the girl we were with for directions. I whispered to dementedvixen who that guy really is. Intrigued, her neck made an immediate turn. Subtlety must be that hard to acquire today.

Basically, I pretended I didn’t know him. Since reading his eyes is as impossible as reversing that killer tsunami, I wouldn’t know if he recognized me.