Sunday, 13.03.05

I was on vacation. I can’t remember where I was. But I remember the second leg of my dream: Walking side by side with tv host/actress/ex-presidential daughter Kris Aquino, I was determined to convince her to go with me in Catanduanes tomorrow. We were climbing a red-carpeted stairs. She was shocked. "But I’m pregnant!" she wailed in a top decibel while clutching her flat tummy, as if wanting the press people to hear. I nearly smacked my forehead for forgetting.

Then, she lifted the fabric covering her stomach and, in a matter of milliseconds, she was already sporting a hanging top. It looked semi-formal still. Fab! Knowing her, she is making her boyfriend angry and jealous. Boys of all forms were compelled to come over our place. The boyfriend walked away with his hands thrown up in the air. 

The next scenario saw me itching to reach Bohol. One of my friends got married. After their car veered away, I found myself walking alone until krushie found me. Since I have no plan for the day, he asked me to join him go to Mini Stop. When he put his arm around my shoulder, I didn’t protest. Neither did I inch away when he pressed his lips against my hair. I found the courage to place an arm around him and press him for a quick hug. When we entered the glass doors, he showed me his keychain. It was like pandesal. I bit it. It WAS pandesal! I returned it to him. After all, it was his keychain.

Minutes after, our other friends showed up one by one. We didn’t agree on meeting actually. Our casual talk led to a brainstorming for an evil plot for an authority.