05.04.05; Compulsary Correction; 09:15

Career plan spolier: 1. New set of career plans: 4. No. of postponed getaways: 2. Batad and Camiguin. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Dear Niwee,

Previously, I made a dangerous conclusion that "… Samal Island in Davao owes its Snow White appeal from Bohol". Remember?

I received a feedback through my mobile phone (oh yes, ScorpionSyrup can now be reached through SMS! Got my number?) from a proud Davaoeño saying I made a libelous remark about Samal Island. She explained, the most important detail in caps: "Libutin mo man from hills to seabed, beige po [ang] Samal. Di kaya sustentuhan ng Bohol ‘yan because it takes at least 6 hours to circumnavigate [by lantsa]. BAWIIN MO KUNDI WALA KANG SARONG!"

For the love of tourism and respect for truth, I hereby apologize for my failure to quote gumpaste.

*runs and hides*

– – –

While waiting for my yearbook during my recent visit at my alma mater, I overheard someone saying he will work in a call center after graduation. "Pero hanggang two years lang. ‘Di ko sya gagawing career,"

Been there, vowed that.

Two days from now, I’d officially turn as a two-year-old phone monkey. But wait, twenty-five days from now, I’d be officially terminated from my current project. For someone who promised herself and declared to the world she’d leave her call master and headset behind for the greener pastures on year two, I am disheartened that our team will be dissolved soon. In fact, I am fighting to retain my status as a desk jockey.

Only a handful of people can completely comprehend why it’s hard to turn one’s back in this industry. Or enter its doors even. I was a non-believer when I entered its halls with both of my eyes squeezed shut with desperation. Now, they’re widely stretched.

 And in tears.

Being (strategically) located behind the printer, I could fully absorb the anxieties of all agents here combined. Inasmuch as I want to be peaceful and assured, their dialogues and curses, coupled with the endless mass production of resumes, somehow jostle me to the point of paranoia. What am I going to do?! Am I prioritizing wrong needs?! Am I foolishly anticipating for something that won’t come?!

It saddens me to imagine myself clearing out my beloved workstation and locker, saying "It’s been great meeting/working with you, ______" to my colleagues, posing with them for "one last Kodak moment", saying farewell to Manong Guard/s and Ms. Nurse and starting anew without them.

Nothing is permanent, I know. I have to move on, I know. If God closes the door, He opens a window, I know.

I’d miss them. I definitely would.