04.06.05; Out and OK; 07:12

This week’s causes of gastronomic glee: 1. Ice cream buffet in Bon Appetit; 2. Bottomless iced tea in Chocolate Kiss – the first of many this school year! Hurrah!

Dear Niwee,

How do you define "getaway"?

Going on a quick escape with the people of the future made me realize the extent of our eternal dissatisfaction. We whine how burnt out we are, we crawl and cry for that well-deserved break, we upheave resentful sighs when it doesn’t materialize. Yet, we worry about "the others" and how they can possibly endure the absence of urban enjoyments. In fact, we unconsciously clamor for the things we left behind.

My brief stay in Boracay last week, meanwhile, was the opposite. Discounting the fact that the view is immensely arresting, I consider my babysitter Alex as my new source of inspiration. While some places make you plan for your return even before you leave, this visit made me want to come back and repair my life. And yes, fly back to the pristine beach!

Alex left the corporate world and called the Boracay shores her residence and workplace. Her business partner does henna tattoo, she does massage treatments. They retire to bed or lounge during the mercy hours then bounce back to whatever it is they need to accomplish. I remember inquiring them what’s next once the lean season loomed. Aided with a carefree shrug, their optimism instantly rubbed on me. I asked her sister Cherry when she’s leaving for Manila. She replied, "Pag nagsawa na ako [in Boracay],"

Acquiring an alias is one trick they advised me to try. In fact, Cherry went ahead and christened me as Vivian. I initially collapsed in laughter. Why Vivian, of all names? My poor knowledge in etymology led me to the conclusion that Vivian means "life", something that I don’t have. Hearing her accosting me as such gave me a high. I can hardly wait for the next thing.

I can hardly wait to learn how to detach from worldly wants. Or to be more accurate, how to start living.