18.06.05; Sad Saturday; 12:58

Latest purchase/Fete de la Musique appetizer: Big Mac Best Felame Hits. Bwahaha!

Dear Niwee,

Just when I thought I have gone numb to changes, I felt my heart break the last time I visited the bank.

Aside from the depressing realization that I am still bankrupt after years of "saving up", I was saddened upon seeing the new faces that welcomed me. The old guards and tellers were gone. For someone who used to marvel at how homely and merry their branch is, I suddenly felt unease. I imagine if the old guard stayed, he would tease me for losing my ATM card for the nth time. I bet he can even say how many times I have misplaced it even before the teller who entertained my concern can confirm it. Though the fresh hires were as accommodating and friendly, I missed the old times.

This leads me to my new crossroad at work. My current account decided to undergo rightsizing thus, as one of the unfortunate souls, I need to transfer to a new account again. 2 transfers this year so far!!!

When I first heard about it, I was just shaking my head in amusement. There was no room for bitterness or anxiety. In fact, I was making a joke out of it until a colleague gave up on me out of annoyance. That made me crack up even louder.

This Monday, I am starting a new chapter in my career again. I’d be leaving the friendship I have cultivated during my brief stay behind. I’d be meeting new persons and facing harder challenges.

Bring it on.