31.07.05; Shoe Shopping; 13:02

This month’s vaginal event: None. Last month’s: None either. Could someone please drag me to the OB Gyne? No. of middle class beggars who decided to spit on me: 1. No. of Kodak/Nokia 6600 moments with Neil Gaiman: 0.

Dear Niwee,

Just like a teacher’s enemy who always fails to comply with the requirements, here I am to update you with my latest musing. I can’t allow July to passby without an entry.

One fateful afternoon, Zycron and I met and exchanged how our academic life has been doing so far. I gushed mine is cool (this was before I crammed for my oral report and 20-page critique), particularly the exchange of ideas. At one point, I decided I should take a leave for a day and observe what the modern television offers… without sneering. After all, I pursued mass media, not elite media.

Then she confessed her dilemma. She first asked me if I find my classmates intimidating. I shook my head. My classmates were OK.

She was envious. She recited the profiles of her classmates and admitted she was too ashamed of being a call center agent "lang" that she had to introduce herself as a full-time student. Later on, she resigned. Her new schedule at work would not allow her to attend classes.

Then I realized I have no idea who my classmates were or what they do for a living or what they have contributed to the society. I know the background of a selected few, but that’s it. Then it occured to me: I was too late (yep, as late as an hour after the class started) to make it to the getting-to-know-you portion of the class. I asked myself, would I feel inferior or unworthy compared to them if I have known their profiles?

Zycron was also the same person who told me that [most] people in UP deem progress is not in store for phone monkeys like us. Before she could elaborate her argument, I told her I’m not willing to listen. I know where my career path is leading to; I just need to take a little detour.