28.08.05; Bohemian Bliss; 16:00

Ice cream Flavor of the Month: pistachio. This month’s vaginal event: The arrival of Almira. At last! Possibility that I will flunk this sem: So far, moderate.

Dear Niwee,

Assuming you haven’t noticed, let me declare that the Bohemian fashion has reached the Tipping Point. Countless girls are out to parade varied styles of skirts, shoes and chandelier earrings. You can also see how they incorporate this "old" look with the newest must-haves like spandex shirts and flip flops. It looks alluring. At times, I suspect this gypsy look is slowly threatening the immortality of denims.

I actually like this bohemian "crap", as gumpaste once put it after I declined to give away my very chandelier earrings. (My fascination with earrings is already innate so no need to explain that. Right, crazybitch?) I have these white and purple bohemian tops I luuuuurve so much. In fact, I consider the purple top to be my lucky charm. I wear it everytime I have a job interview. Yes, I get hired. I wore it when I had my first ever report in UP. Tell you what, it was a walking success! And I’ll wear it again for my next report. I even wore it the day after I officially split up with my ex as a statement that he can no longer control my wardrobe. (Yeah, slap me for letting that happen!) I also have a free-flowing skirt of my own, purchased in late 2003.

Fast forward to 2005 and the exponential acceptance it received from girls from all nooks and crannies. Last Saturday, I went to this bazaar in Rockwell with gumpaste. I was expecting to see endless piles of spandex shirts. Little did I know it was a vintage bazaaar! The motley collection of Moroccan, Indian and Bohemian items was too much. Funny thing is, bohemian, or the unconventional standard of lifestyle, appearance or behavior, has gone mainstream! The only way to be truly bohemian is to sport one’s good old tees.

When the shopping session was over, gumpaste laughingly advised me to wear my skirt again after 3 years. I nodded in agreement.

But if it won’t rain this Tuesday, I’d free my tan skirt from my closet.  Why not?