27.09.05; Solo in School; 16:54

Latest realization: I am the most worthless blogger on earth. I have forgotten my baby’s 3rd beerday!

Dear Niwee,

I don’t know how to start.

It won’t surprise me if you declare you want to disown me. I have failed to nurture you with proper amount of love and attention.

Plus the nagging fact that I have cheated on you. There are countless thoughts I dismissed as "unbloggable". For all the views and feelings I deprived you of knowing, I am very sorry. There are some things better left unsaid. Or, unposted, if such word exists.

I admit this entry, as well as the sole entry in July, was not a product of conscious effort. Fate made me sit down and type my chaotic head away. This diminishing interest in blogging scares me. It first started with lack of Internet access, then lack of time. As I reminisce about my early blogging days, I confirm the fuel has somewhat ran dry.

Am I saying goodbye? I don’t really know. Am I withdrawing again from the world? It must be so. Can I imagine being a virtual ghost? The signs are here.