21.11.05, Monday

Hangover, it is. This is my first memorable dream since I brought home a dreamcatcher from that special place called Sagada.

My galpals (can’t remember the other two) and our foreigner dates decided to go to Tagaytay. We decided to have a slumber party (?) at my place during the night before the trip. When we girls woke up, we discovered the males dozed off with their undies off. They did not bother to dress up when I introduced them to my Mom. She was miraculously silent.

The six of us decided to drop by in SM Bacoor before heading to Tagaytay. Since we were no longer interested with them, we deliberately left them behind. When we were finally convinced we lost them and seated comfortably in the car, I caught sight of James, one of our foreign friends we met in Banaue. I told one of my friends to take charge of the situation and dashed somewhere he can hopefully not find me. I have no clue how to explain why we suddenly made a disappearing act. Before I escaped, I felt his green eyes fixed on me.

On my jeepney ride back to the parking lot, the guy seated next to me kissed me on my cheek. He murmured how huge my breasts were. Ick.

When I reunited with them in the parking lot, I smelled tragedy. The guys were there and ready to embark on a road trip. James, being a chef as he is, prepared sinigang na chicharon!