04.02.06, Saturday

This is my first memorable – and scary, at that – dream since I discovered the third leg of feather and wooden beads (?) of my beautiful dreamcatcher was detached. Mourn with me. (SIDE STORY: The other dreamcather I bought for my best friend dementedvixen for her beerday/house warming was also gone. Thanks to my mother who instructed my brother to liberate my piles of paper stored in my cute purple pumpkin. As far as my intelligence is concerned, nobody on earth has the right to consider somebody else’s belongings as rubbish especially if it were not placed in the dustbin.)

I was trying on a sleeveless top in my bedroom. All of a sudden, the door slammed, the knob locked and an invisible force pushed me away from the door. I struggled to gain control. Miraculously, I managed to gain consciousness and rose from bed. The REM is over. Yet I was too frigtened to go back to sleep. I texted my Psychology major friends.

Mark was the first to interpret. (Around noontime.) He replied, "Sounds erotic,". Puzzled, I pressed, "Pano naman sya magiging erotic? I struggled to be free!" He explained, "Struggle is frustration,". Here we go again with his conviction that I’m too sex-starved. (That was his interpretation with my previous dream about sleeping next to our scantily-dressed guests and one of them preparing sinigang na chicharon). Weird. My encounter with Hollowman, it seems, is erotic.

And yes, I have been fantasizing about multiple orgasms with a long-haired guitarist.