27.12.06; Friday

After attending the Terno Inferno in Cafe saGuijo that night, my last-minute date Low and I dashed back to his place in City Land. Before falling asleep, he dished the supposedly scary but turns out to be outrageously laughable movie entitled "Cemetery Gates" to his DVD player. He was already snoring mildly before this low-budgeted attempt to horror supposedly escalate to the conflict. Somebody please stop me from making unnecessary review about that movie, I’m supposed to recollect my dreams!

Basically, I had series of dreams that involve my friend Low and some personalities and location that were taken from the mentioned movie whose title I do not have the strength to pronounce nor type. The most memorable must be my first dream: I was in bed, in the same spot I was lying on. The apartment door flew open to welcome Low’s boyfriend (whom I haven’t seen in actuality and, based on Low’s descriptions, my dream’s depiction of his purely Chinese beau is inaccurate) and his dog. He and Low agreed to exchange dogs with the residents on the next door. Their entrance back to the apartment meant the  period of exchange was over and they went to claim their dog. Truth is, Low has no dog in the apartment. I am yet to ask if he is into pets.

I find it quirky to dream of someone I’m sleeping next to the entire time. The fact that my dreams were like a recollection of a bad, bad movie made it worse. It’s like the movie followed me in my dreams. Now that makes it scary, doesn’t it?