22.01.07; Monday

I received this text message last Saturday from Grace. Words spelled out, don’t worry.

"Tangna haha I just dreamt nag-dinner [tayo]. Lots of people, including us. Nilalaro mo daw tubig ni Jom [her recycled boyfriend], tapos yung kasama mo bumili ng margarita pitcher. Nung tinatanong ka ng waiter sabi mo hindi ikaw or yung kasama mo ang bumili. Tapos inaway kita, may hinagis daw akong chicharon sayo. Haha tangna labo."

Upon reading this, I erupted into endless laughter. I temporarily forgot that it was lunch time at work and I, along with a dozen of people, was waiting for the elevator door to open. A male officemate was surprised to hear me. My friend Danna admonished me. Until the elevator reached 7/F, I was laughing like a hyena. I just can’t stop!

Few Monday mornings back, I was forced to retire to bed since my dad’s overseas call terminated my dial up connection. While logging off and collecting my things, I heard my mom levitate my brothers and male cousin for their utility at home then went on dissing me for being otherwise. She was aware I was there. Then I heard her lament about her outstanding loan. There was a momentarily pause and she answered, "Di ako nagtatanong. Ikaw ang magtanong,"

It was easy to fall into sleep. For a change. However, it was equally easy for the dreams to roll. It was weird that my dream showed me diligently cleaning the living room while a sausage slowly emerges out of my mouth. There was a door bell. With all the strength that I could muster, I reached for the door. Before I did, it flew open and mom entered. Our eyes met. I darted my eyes away and looked down to continue my chore. Turned out the sausage was actually feces. Ick.

I woke up and was shocked to learn it was only less than an hour since I fell asleep. I was pissed to realize that the last memory I had before my trek to dreamland played tricks on me. Luckily, I managed to continue my interrupted snooze.

I remember I did dream again but I can’t recall the details. It was actually financial in nature.

Weird, weird, weird!!!