29.01.07; Monday

I had 2 dreams today.

First one went like this: I was with my best friend Fris and her officemate whose identity I can’t recall right now. We have agreed to rob a bank and I was appointed as the lookout. When we emerged out of the car, they were already wearing their disguise –  apple green scrubs. I don’t remember if they were wearing anything that concealed their faces. I was the only one not wearing a disguise. It was too late when I saw mine, a purple scrub lying on the floor. I didn’t go back.

I entered the grocery store. Miraculously, nobody forbid me to enter in spite of the fact that everybody seemed to know what my company was doing. It was as if I were really shopping.

Then my friends were done with the deed. With the commotion of the voyeurs inside the store I was in, I was aware of their successful escape. There was a chase but the poor man did not stop them. I continued feigning my association with them until they were loudly calling out my name. I quickened my pace towards the exit, not bothering to pay in the counter and found them inside a cab waiting for me.

We were triumphant!

The second one was all the more mind-boggling. I was at my friend’s house, surfing the net and her brother whom I was secretly attracted to, was seated nearby, apparently entertaining me. My friend was attending to something else. Besides, I frequent their place often so I was pretty comfortable hanging out. Or so she assumed.

Out of fatigue, I gave in to the inviting couch nearby and squeezed my eyelids shut. Turned out I just came from my shift. He took over my place and browsed his own favorite websites. All of a sudden, we were the only ones left in the living room. I was NOT really tired and was not asleep at all. My heart was pounding hard in anticipation. Then it happened.

He kissed me. Just a smack, quick and wet. I went on feigning snooze.