08.02.07; Thursday

It was weird to experience dream as soon as I have closed my eyes. It was like an excess from the last time.

It was morbid. One of my teeth split into half and the two neighboring teeth joined the escape from my mouth. I was looking at them with extreme shock. Then there was a deluge of blood.

I forgot the rest.

It was like my retainers, lost somewhere in Guadalupe yesterday, was haunting me. It seemed wanting to kill me with guilt for incarcerating it inside the fridge for the longest time and eventually letting it rest in peace inside a dustbin. [In fact, it’s not the first time the latter happened.] I was already in MRT when I realized it was not in my toiletries kit.

But hey, it might just be a reminder to push through with my long overdue plans to visit the dentist and commence the work on my impacted teeth. I will soon. I just happen to cram on a lot of school requirements and waiting for my father’s arrival from Europe so he can escort me there. He’s long been endorsing that dentist.

I don’t want to lose my teeth.